Liberated Ones

March 2, 1971
1971 HFP, Volume 3 Number 5

On trial, Lt. William Calley confessed to his involvement in the My Lai massacre three years earlier in Vietnam in which several hundred civilians were murdered. In Uganda, major general Idi Amin Dada appointed himself president for life after a "bloodless" coup d'etat. The revolutionary Weather Underground detonated a bomb in the Capitol building in Washington in protest of U.S. involvement in Laos; no one was hurt. And in a move to stem the tide of the American "hippie" culture, authorities in Athens, Greece forced long-haired young people to submit to a haircut.

This was our first issue after the Spiritual Revolution Day event. Thousands marched through the streets of Sacramento and gathered at the steps of the state capitol for a mass rally with music and speeches. Our coverage featured more than two full pages of photographs of the march and gathering. "The thousands of Jesus People who marched on California's state capitol held more than a belief in common," Larry Norman wrote in the HFP. "They have experienced results. Their personal prisons have been blown open. Their problems have begun to leave. They've experienced God-liberation."

British artist and thinker John Hoyland challenged John Lennon's politics in the revolutionary underground paper Black Dwarf, writing that "in order to change the world we've got to understand what's wrong with the world, then destroy it. Ruthlessly. This is not cruelty, or madness. It is one of the most passionate forms of love." In his reply, reprinted in the HFP, Lennon very perceptively asked Hoyland "what kind of a system do you propose, and who would run it? I'll tell you what's wrong with it: people. So you want to destroy them? Ruthlessly? Until you/we change your/our heads? There's no chance." Lennon's summary of the problem: "Sick heads and nothing else." Lennon continued that "He [Jesus] did not need anyone to tell Him what people were like. He understood human nature. Jesus said 'without Me you can do nothing.'"

We announced a special HFP summer program, inviting readers to spend all or part of the 1971 summer season with us in Los Angeles. Mornings would include Bible training sessions, afternoons would feature "beach and street rapping about Jesus", and in the evenings we would host Jesus music festivals in Hollywood.

The circulation of Jack Sparks' Jesus paper Right On! in Berkeley had grown to 65,000 while Linda Meisner's The Truth in Seattle had reached 100,000 and the HFP 210,000 making these three Jesus papers the three largest underground newspapers in the world at that time.

A simple cartoon, pictured at right, showed how easy it was to become a follower of Jesus. And no matter how many people have tried to make it complicated, it is still that simple today. All you have to do is believe and follow. Our back cover poster combined the Jesus People one-way sign with photos from the Spiritual Revolution Day rally.

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