February 16, 1971
1971 HFP, Volume 3 Number 4

South Vietnamese ground forces, with American air support, began a 17,000-man incursion into Laos that ended three weeks later in disaster, convincing many Americans that the Nixon administration's plan for "Vietnamization" of the war was a total failure. At the White House, President Nixon had a secret tape-recording system installed that ironically would later bring his presidency down in disgrace in the Watergate affair. And in Los Angeles, the Sylmar earthquake killed more than 60 people in the San Fernando Valley and caused widespread destruction, wrecking two hospitals, a freeway interchange and the Van Norman dam. It's no wonder the subject of earthquakes was much on our minds as we went to press.

With this issue we began using our beautiful new logo, for which we're still best remembered today and which we used again for our 35th Anniversary edition. Also, as our network of locations reprinting the HFP across the United States was now complete, we added those six cities to our banner: Hollywood, Kansas City, Worcester, Detroit, Cleveland and Denver.

A young disabled Vietnam veteran, Dale Hicks, told his dramatic story in this issue. "When I was lying in the jungle bleeding to death," he wrote, "I pulled my God out of my pocket and asked Him to help me, I'm dying. I could hear my voice coming out of the hole in my neck where one bullet tore through, going through the left lung, then out the back. It cut the nerves to my left arm, and I still cannot use the arm. Another bullet shattered my left foot and ankle." Returning home to southern California, Dale became convinced that no one cared about him, his disability, or his experiences in Vietnam. "Each day filled me with hatred for everyone. I was constantly stoned and swore about everything."

Dale's younger brother tried to talk with him about Jesus, but the idea of learning something from his little brother, especially "this Jesus bit", was lame. They fought, and Dale "swore loudly as I split to my car and went home." It took two weeks of failed attempts to get high to finally bring Dale back around to Jesus. "I asked Jesus to take my heavy load of hatred and all the ugliness, and He made it light and easy and it has been every day in Jesus since then." Dale and his young wife packed up their car with 2,000 copies of the HFP and traveled through 20 states to "spread the word. We watched souls change as Jesus was invited in." After the exciting road trip, Dale and his wife started a small Jesus People house called "In My Name" near Lake Arrowhead in the mountains east of Los Angeles.

Letters were arriving daily, from Connecticut, Missouri, Texas, Alaska, even the tiny island of Truk in Micronesia. A young friend in Amarillo, TX was on crutches recovering from a basketball injury but continued delivering the HFP to neighbors. A local Baptist church was so impressed by his dedication that they took up a collection for a large bulk order of HFPs (to be delivered AFTER he was off his crutches!) A pastor in Kansas City had read an article in LOOK Magazine about the Jesus Movement. "This movement is moving east," he wrote, "I would like to know what I can do to cause it to come our way a little faster." A brother named Gary was encouraging everyone to "join up with a group of revolutionaries" -- the Jesus People!

Dale Yancy created our front page cartoon of an earthquake splitting the Hollywood Freeway, and our beautiful back cover poster with the message "LOOK UP - He's coming soon!"

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