Spiritual Revolution Day

February 2, 1971
1971 HFP, Volume 3 Number 3

In Los Angeles, cult leader Charlies Manson and three female followers from the "Manson Family" were convicted of homicide and conspiracy in the bizarre rampage and killing spree that became known as the Tate-La Bianca murders. Halfway around the world in Uganda, General Idi Amin led a military coup that seized power while President Milton Obote was out of the country attending a summit in Singapore. And in Florida, astronaut Alan Shepard and crew blasted off aboard Apollo 14 for man's third landing on the Moon. They landed three days after we went to press, in the region of the Moon known as the Fra Mauro Highlands. This was originally intended as the destination of the previous mission, Apollo 13, which experienced mechanical failure in space and had to return to Earth without reaching the Moon.

Our headline announced the much-awaited news that a campaign led by Assemblyman Newton Russell and the group Students for a Spiritual Revolution had succeeded in getting the California state senate to officially proclaim February 13 a "spiritual revolution day" in the state capital of Sacramento. Pat Boone, Jack Sparks, Larry Norman, Arthur Blessitt, Mustard Seed, and our own Duane Pederson were scheduled to attend. Plans included a march and rally at the state capitol with student leaders presenting their vision for a spiritual revolution.

Our brother Dale Yancy attended the Urbana 70 conference on missions and evangelism in Illinois as one of more than 12,000 delegates from 70 countries. The conference held seminars on building a Christian worldview, social concern, racial tensions, revolution, how God is liberating opressed people, the role student power can play in world evangelism, the U.S. racial crisis and world evangelism, the Muslim world, the global implications of the media, tentmaker missionaries, and more. As he packed his bags on New Year's Eve to return home the next day, no doubt he thought of us handing out the HFP that same night at the Rose Parade, because he got out pencil and paper and wrote us a letter which we printed in this issue.

"On Wednesday," he wrote, "we got word that our 5,000 Hollywood Free Papers -- the New Years issue -- had arrived at the airport. That evening seven of us from Fullerton, CA handed out the HFP. Everywhere you looked, students were reading the paper. It was quite a sight. Several commented that it was the best thing handed out at the conference."

Dale also created our front page cartoon depicting two political fat-cats in conversation outside the state capitol. One carries a suitcase bulging with money and contentedly puffs a cigar, the other says "This spiritual revolution stuff is all right as long as it doesn't affect one's political tactics." As he speaks, he's demonstrating his "political tactics" by accepting a wad of cash behind his back from a sleazy character dressed in black. Dale's back cover poster of a quaking, crumbling state capitol building sent the political fat-cats fair warning: "Here comes Jesus!"

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