January 19, 1971
1971 HFP, Volume 3 Number 2

As chilling revelations from the My Lai massacre began to unfold in the trial of Lt. William Calley, support for the war diminished. Congress repealed the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin resolution that had originally authorized the escalation of the fighting, and many saw this as an admission by Congress that the war had been a grave mistake. The state of Ohio agreed to pay reparations to the families of victims of the Kent State shootings, where four university students were killed by Ohio National Guardsmen while protesting American involvement in the war and the presence of ROTC on campus.

As the presses rolled on this second issue of 1971 in Los Angeles, brothers in Kansas City and Worcester were getting ready to reprint and distribute the paper in their area. Eventually the HFP would be reprinted in six cities across the United States, expanding also to Minneapolis, Detroit, Cleveland and Denver.

Plans were coming together for the Spiritual Revolution Day event in Sacramento in February. A march and rally was being planned at the state capitol with Christian student leaders presenting their vision for a spiritual revolution. We were also talking about chartering a bus from Los Angeles to Sacramento so that Jesus People from southern California could attend.

Brothers and sisters were reaching out to the HFP from all directions. We heard from Dennis, a student at the University of New Mexico, where the Jesus movement was just getting started but the early signs were exciting. Dale, a prisoner at Washington state penitentiary, wote to say the restrictions and censorship of their mail had been lifted. "Lack of outside communication has been a problem in the past," Dale explained, but now "we can rap freely." A sister with the charming first name Champagne wrote to say that she and her husband and baby were moving to Australia, and asked if we could turn them on to any Jesus People groups or houses in the Melbourne area. Robin, a student at Arcadia high school in southern California, wrote for help in organizing their campus. "We have decided what our role on campus must be in times like these," Robin said, "and we are really starting a revolution for Jesus!"

Dale Yancy created our front page cartoon depicting "Satan's snowstorm" of deception. Our multi-racial back cover poster proclaimed Jesus as the one way to liberation in the Third World and the way to true "power to the people".

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