November 17, 1970
1970 HFP, Volume 2 Number 22

Even as the trial of the "Seattle 8" anti-war protesters began on charges stemming from the violent demonstrations at the University of Washington, President Nixon was promising a gradual troop withdrawal from Vietnam. In fact, it would be another four and a half years before the last American troops would leave South Vietnam.

Race riots rocked Daytona Beach, Florida. Campus unrest at colleges across the nation was again at a fever pitch just six months after the shootings at Kent State. The Chicano Moratorium movement in Los Angeles was rapidly collapsing in the wake of hundreds of arrests at a late summer East L.A. march that drew 30,000 "Brown Berets," anti-war activists and other demonstrators. Into this atmosphere of chaos, Jesus People hit the streets of Los Angeles, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Worcester, Detroit, Cleveland and Denver with the 28th issue of our eight-page newspaper.

"The truth is, we're all fighting," our main article began. "We're really fighting ourselves; we just externalize our own inner conflicts on the establishment, the pigs, and everyone else." We quoted student leaders from a California State University campus, elected to the student senate in the spring as part of a "come together" coalition of black, brown and white leaders, who were resigning in disillusionment over the prejudice they were encountering within the student government itself. "While the senate has attempted to fight racism outside, prejudice has been occuring within the senate between minority groups," one of the student leaders explained. "I just couldn't take the hate directed at me."

Jesus People in Akron, Ohio reported receiving threats after taking their message into local high schools. A brother in Minnesota put out a call for former drug addicts and bikers to staff a new Jesus People ministry to street people and runaways. Fred Caban's Agape band announced eight more concerts scheduled in southern California. Plans were in the works for a mid-December "Christmas march" in Hollywood.

Jesus People in Richland, Washington were organizing a Thanksgiving Bible seminar with free food and lodging. Our bulletin board section, the Wall, listed Jesus houses, teach-ins, Bible studies and more across California and in Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon, Utah and Washington, as well as two cities in Canada. The HFP was sharing a house with our friends from the Free University, on Fountain just east of Vine in Hollywood, and we were inviting Jesus People to our house for Thanksgiving dinner.

Dale Yancy created our front page cartoon, shown at right, which pictured the grim reaper and a hearse under a shower of death-dealing drug capsules. "Take a trip on us," the caption proclaimed, "and leave the driving to us."

Our sister in Christ and and nextdoor neighbor Jeannie Bigg created our Thanksgiving poster, shown at lower right.

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