Revolution Is On

November 3, 1970
1970 HFP, Volume 2 Number 21

By November 1970, even as the Jesus Movement was gaining momentum, the sixties counterculture was in decline. Earlier in the year the radical Weathermen organization had lost much of their support when a mishandled bomb accidentally destroyed part of a Greenwich Village apartment building, and their bombings of the U.S. Capitol building and the Pentagon shocked the nation. The Haight-Ashbury scene was fading as well; in October, hundreds of residents of the Haight hit the road in more than fifty psychedelic school buses with hip prophet Stephen Gaskin for a pilgrimage "back to the land" in search of whatever was next. Months later they would settle in Tennessee and form the legendary commune The Farm.

Wes, a young friend from Hawaii, pictured at right, had gone in search of something new as well, and he shared his experiences in this issue of the HFP. "I've found that every place is the same," he explained. "People are the same, you can't run from yourself. You can only get heavier and heavier into your own ego trip." That all changed the day Wes walked into a house full of "fanatics" - Jesus people. "These people were sitting all over the floor, everywhere. It was beautiful how they all had such beaming faces. By the end of the evening I was so full of the love that was pouring out of these people, that I couldn't resist so great an offer." Wes was baptized in the roaring surf of the Pacific Ocean with other brothers and sisters. Sharing Jesus soon became "like breathing, everytime I open my mouth, I'm praising the Lord." Wes even stopped selling drugs, "because there's something better that's free."

This edition was bursting with plans from all over southern California. Fred Caban's popular Jesus band Agape was planning twelve concerts over the next two months. The Free University in Hollywood was back in operation. A Jesus house in La Habra, the Vine, was planning an open house and concert with continuous music till midnight from six Christian bands.

We featured news and photos from Jesus People in Boise and Salt Lake City, and the Wall listed new Jesus houses, activities and gatherings in eleven states from Ohio to Hawaii.

Our back cover poster, pictured at lower right, parodied a popular Pepsi advertisement and proclaimed "Jesus has a lot to give."

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