Pollution Conspiracy

July 21, 1970
1970 HFP, Volume 2 Number 14

Only three months and a day had passed since the first Earth Day when this issue went to press, and pollution was still very much on the minds of young Americans. "Last year three and one-half million people, mostly children, died from starvation," began our lead story which ranged from the global effects of over-population to the progressive deterioration of the environment from erosion and pollution, diminishing the "carrying capacity" of our planet to support and produce food and water for more than three billion inhabitants.

An accompanying illustration by Jack Wiens, pictured at right, related the subject of environmental pollution to the parallel problem of mind pollution in a world jammed with negative news, political rhetoric and advertising.

Photos sent by readers celebrated the many beach gatherings, beach evangelism and ocean baptisms happening up and down the California coast as Jesus People waded into summer with music and the truth. Other photos showed the HFP crew distributing posters, t-shirts and newspapers at local swap meets in La Mirada and at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. L.A. area Jesus People were encouraged to help with the work and join the fun. Brothers in Canoga Park had started a series of sharing-training sessions in a park in Topanga Canyon, and invited HFP readers to join them in this "beautiful thing... for the rest of the summer."

A Jesus People-oriented radio program, "Youth of the Risen Son", was broadcasting every Saturday evening on a local FM station. Groups across the map from the San Francisco Bay area to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii were holding Bible studies, Jesus raps and organizing coffeehouses.

Dale Yancy's back-cover poster, also pictured at lower right, reminded readers of that old Bible gathering dust in their home, and promised peace, love and purpose in life to all who would brush away the cobwebs and rediscover its promise.

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