Freedom Now

July 7, 1970
1970 HFP, Volume 2 Number 13

Thirteen days before this issue went to press, Vice President Spiro Agnew in an interview with the Los Angeles Times had defended alcohol against marijuana, saying pot was dangerous but that alcohol had "won the approval of peoples and governments, and that is the difference." The HFP wasted no time calling Agnew on the flawed logic of his argument, placing alcoholism in the very same category as drug addiction in its power to destroy homes, divide families and enslave everyone it touches.

The Jesus People were mobilizing. Two brothers in the Venice neighborhood were offering a building for use in ministry, the Action Life group was organizing to invade a mall in Burbank, and the HFP was acting as a 'switchboard' to match willing workers with coffeehouse and beach ministries during the summer months. A large group of Jesus People in the San Diego area had marched to Mt. Helix, and sent a photo which was printed in the HFP with the caption "Jesus rolls on!"

L. Jacobsen's fascinating illustration, pictured at right, depicted the mind of a Jesus Person filled with peace and love, and speaking the word "Agape".

The Wall was filled from margin to margin with Jesus gatherings, including more coffeehouses opening in the beach cities and in Yosemite National Park. More Jesus rock concerts and music festivals were underway for later in the summer.

On the back cover, Jack Wiens created what would become one of our most popular and best-loved posters, "Jesus the Bridge Over Troubled Water," pictured at lower right.

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