Is War the Problem?

June 16, 1970
1970 HFP, Volume 2 Number 12

In mid-June of 1970, the pain of the Kent State shootings was still fresh, and the attention of all Americans was focused on the chaotic war zone halfway around the globe in southeast Asia. In early May, fifteen thousand U.S. and South Vietnamese troops had attacked NVA supply bases inside Cambodia in what would become known as the Sanctuary Counteroffensive, and by the time this issue of the HFP went to press on June 16, Communist forces had seized the airport at Angkor Wat, and the CIA was admitting a cover-up of U.S. involvement in Laos. It was inevitable, then, that our mid-June edition would also focus on issues of war and peace.

"If we should have a political revolution and set up a completely new system in America," our lead story asked, "would we have peace and love, and happiness?" The article went on to state that we will always have oppression, violence and inequality in the world around us until we each come to terms with the hate, fear, greed and lust in our own hearts, and achieve inner peace through love. This inner love, our companion story on peace explained, "is within us just waiting to come forth" through a relationship with Jesus.

Dale Yancy's front page cartoon, pictured at right, depicted a happy, smiling Jesus tossing the problems and cares of this world into the trash for us, everything from trying to live a good life to rebellion and indifference. The text from Matthew 11:28 promised rest to "all who are weary, and heavy laden."

A Bible teacher "from back east" had arrived to teach classes at the Free University, and "the enthusiasm of those attending is encouraging." The associate producer of Dave Wilkerson's "Cross and the Switchblade" motion picture was in the early planning states of a film about the Jesus Movement. Fred Caban's band Agape was playing at local high schools and parks, and the HFP crew was distributing papers, posters and t-shirts at Los Angeles area swap meets. A number of summer Jesus music festivals were in the works around southern California, featuring Andrae Crouch, Harvest Flight and others.

No less than a half dozen Jesus coffeehouses around southern California were listed on the Wall, along with Bible studies, Jesus raps and more. Clearly this young Movement, long simmering and just beginning to bubble, was on the verge of boiling over and spreading nationwide. We knew it was coming, and we knew the Free Paper would be there.

Dale Yancy's dramatic back-cover poster, also pictured at lower right, depicted the hand of Jesus switching on the light in the darkness, proclaiming him the Light of the World.

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