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June 2, 1970
1970 HFP, Volume 2 Number 11

By early June, summer weather in southern California was in full swing, and the HFP wanted to know if any of our readers were planning a beach ministry. True to our role as a "switchboard" for the movement, we offered to connect readers with other brothers and sisters who were planning to evangelize the beach communities.

Teen Challenge founder David Wilkerson's dramatic story "The Cross and the Switchblade" had just been released as a feature film. Based on his 1963 bestselling book, the film starred Pat Boone as Wilkerson and a pre-CHiPs Erik Estrada as Nicky Cruz, a troubled young gang member from Brooklyn. Movie theaters were sold out for the film's debut, drawing crowds from all backgrounds and lifestyles. A mini-poster for the film, pictured here at right, ran in the HFP.

The Wall listings were growing; letters were arriving daily from cities from New York to Honolulu with news of coffee houses, Jesus raps, Bible studies, bands, the early small beginnings of Jesus music festivals, and more. Photos appeared from "happenings" in Glendale and Carson, including shots of Jesus People giving copies of the HFP to a group of L.A. county sheriffs, and groups of long-haired Jesus freaks rapping and sharing with local youth on the sidewalks. A "free Biblical university" had opened its doors in Hollywood, and summer Jesus People concerts were being planned at local theatres for weekends in June featuring Andrae Crouch and Larry Norman.

A new group of bikers for Jesus had been formed in the Venice neighborhood of L.A. by two brothers named Fred and Eddie, and we printed a photo of Eddie on his 'chopper' in leather jacket. The movement had room for everyone.

A Dale Yancy editorial cartoon, pictured here at lower right, depicted imprisoned Christians praying in their cell while a brutal guard shouts "There is no God!" The cartoon urged readers to pray for brothers and sisters "behind the iron and bamboo curtains."

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