Is There Really a Devil?

May 5, 1970
1970 HFP, Volume 2 Number 9

This issue attempted to answer the challenging question "Is there really a devil?" with a column exploring the signs of Satan's work in our modern world and the lives of individuals. A full page editorial took a stand on integration, segregation and school busing, asserting that when people of all races recognize their oneness as children of God and come together in His peace there will be true integration across all barriers.

A Dale Yancy cartoon, shown at right, depicted Jesus on the cross, promising that "Jesus can set you free."

Warm weather had arrived, and the popular Church in the Park gathering in L.A.'s Griffith Park was moving to Santa Monica and becoming Church on the Beach for the duration of the summer. The Jesus band Agape announced several upcoming concerts on college and high school campuses, and the Action Life Singers had returned from a tour of Denmark with a new message for Hollywood Boulevard. Several new Jesus papers had begun publishing, including Icthus, The Way, The Truth, Agape, Rated X and Right On. We wished them well and offered the HFP's help in any way we could.

Some beautiful Jesus Person had sent in a generous order for t-shirts and posters, and even wrote a message to the postman on the outside, but had forgotten to include his or her name and address. We printed a note asking him/her to write back so we could send them the goodies they had ordered!

A controversial article on sexual liberation appeared opposite the announcement of a new program for unwed mothers at Booth Memorial Hospital. The Wall was filled to overflowing with announcements of Jesus houses, raps, Bible studies, and bands, including several listings from Hawaii.

Bernie Granados created the beautiful back-cover poster of sunrise over the mountains, also pictured at right, based on Psalm 111.

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