Times Pollution

April 7, 1970
1970 HFP, Volume 2 Number 7

The uncomplimentary headline referred to the Los Angeles Times, L.A.'s nationally known daily newspaper since 1881. On April 3, four days before the HFP went to press, twenty-five Jesus People walked into the Times to protest the paper's coverage of a recent Jesus march, the route of which ironically went right past the newspaper's editorial offices.

The Times' competitor the Herald Examiner had estimated that 8,400 people participated in the march, and the Los Angeles police department estimated the crowd at "over 8,000." A photograph accompanying the Times article clearly showed several thousand people "rejoicingly marching forward to City Hall." Nevertheless, the Times reported there were only 500 marchers. When confronted, the newspaper's editor-in-chief admitted it was "obvious that there were more people in the picture than stated in the article." His explanation? "Good news doesn't sell papers."

The Herald Examiner's article and photos on the Jesus march were reprinted inside this edition of the HFP by permission.

The front page cartoon drawn by Bernie Granados, Jr., pictured at right, depicted Jesus towering above a freeway in downtown Los Angeles, the buildings obscured by smoke in the form of a dollar sign and the word "Pollution". The caption read "Come unto me and I will give you rest."

Two brothers, Larry and Ace, had been preaching in the high desert town of Perris, California when they were arrested by Perris police and taken to jail. Taking their example from the Book of Acts, the two Jesus People continued to preach and sing inside the jail, and were released within 30 minutes and instructed to leave the city of Perris.

Bible studies, Jesus raps and Jesus houses were again listed on "The Wall", with activities scheduled for every night of the week around southern California. A cryptic statement at the bottom of one page said simply, "PASADENA - YOU'RE NEXT!"

Dale Yancy's dramatic back-cover poster, pictured below right, depicted members of a motorcycle gang with the caption "God Loves You" and the text of John 3:16.

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