Easter March Photos

March 24, 1970
1970 HFP, Volume 2 Number 6

This edition had no headline, the entire front page being devoted to a collage of snapshots from the Easter march announced in the previous issue.

Dale Yancy's cartoon "Easter Morning in L.A." pictured at right continued the holiday theme, depicting a risen Jesus reaching out to comfort a homeless man in the shadows of Skid Row, under a Pepsi billboard ironically announcing "Come alive!" In the background is the twenty-seven story Assyrian tower of Los Angeles city hall, and in the far distance, the shadows of three crosses on a hill.

In the aftermath of "Filet of Soul", a large Riverside area Jesus concert, the city council had complained that the music "was so loud it shook the trees." One council member expressed concern that "if they knew that we, the city fathers, objected, I'm afraid they would pass the word nationally and we'd have 100,000 up there next time." The HFP's response: "Let's hope so!"

The various Jesus houses in the southern California area were organizing with the help of HFP. Elders from the local Jesus houses were encouraged to meet at weekly Sunday "Love Festivals" at Griffith Park starting in April, and all houses were invited to send information to be listed in the HFP starting with the next issue, including whether they had "space for brothers and sisters to crash for overnighters." While we're on the topic of overnighters, the HFP was also collecting books of Blue Chip stamps to help provide sleeping bags for the homeless. Blue Chip was a brand of "trading stamps" given by supermarkets as a premium at that time. When you had collected enough trading stamps, they could be exchanged for "gifts" like a toaster or blender, or in this case, a sleeping bag.

A brother named Ralph Abern was being held in the Orange County jail for walking in front of Maud B. Davis Junior High in Costa Mesa wearing a sign printed with Bible verses. Abern had been arrested in 1968 for drug possession, but as he was homeless at the time he failed to appear. When arrested on the present charge, "his past caught up with him" and he was sentenced to 10 days in jail on the old possession and failure to appear warrants, then was sentenced to five months in jail, three years probation and a $125 fine for "walking past a school wearing Bible verses." The HFP printed a letter written by Abern from his jail cell, and called for a day of prayer and fasting in April to seek his early release.

The back cover poster, pictured below right, was drawn by Bernie Granados, Jr., and depicted Jesus surrounded by familiar New Testament scenes, and the words of I John 4:7-12 on loving one another.

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