God Is My Get High

July, 1987
1987 HFP, Volume 11 Number 3

Lt. Col. Oliver North began his long-awaited testimony before Congress at the Iran-Contra Hearings. The Kiwanis Club voted to end its men-only tradition and allow women to join. Ten teenagers died in Comfort, Texas when raging floodwaters from the Guadalupe River swept away a church bus carrying 43 people. Walt Disney's 1937 classic "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" was re-released in theatres. California mountainclimber Hulda Crooks, 91, became the oldest woman to reach the top of Mt. Fuji in Japan. And in Memphis, Tennessee, thousands of fans flocked to Graceland to mark the tenth anniversary of the death of singer Elvis Presley.

Free tickets to a concert at the Oasis, a drop-in youth ministry center and urban church in Hollywood, were one of the big attractions in our final issue of 1987. Judy Radachy and friends at the Oasis had started a new nightclub -- the Light Club -- for bored singles "tired of TV reruns, singles bars, and having smoke blown in your face and beer spilled on your new clothes."

In fact, much of this issue was devoted to connecting our readers with various ministries and resources. Our friend Clayton Golliher of Hope Chapel announced a weekly gathering at Hollywood High with food, Bible study and help finding jobs and housing. Augie and Mary Barajas of Victory Outreach invited readers to what they promised would be a "warm, friendly church" meeting at the Oasis. "We know what you're going through, we've been there," Augie said. "We can help you."

Youth With a Mission (YWAM) had started an Urban School of Evangelism in Los Angeles, and their director Jim Smedley shared his personal journey with our readers. Hallucinating during an LSD trip, Jim had called out "God, please don't let me die" and immediately felt completely at peace. "I was at a place of utter despair," Jim wrote. He didn't consciously associate his cry for help with being delivered from the terror he had been feeling, but later realized "that was when I began to look at God in a positive way."

Our friend John described his transition from "an animal with a criminal mind" to feeling as though he were "walking on air" after his dramatic encounter with Jesus while serving time in California's infamous San Quentin prison.

Our brother Dave Eaton created the portrait of our editor Duane Pederson in his favorite hat, shown at right, as well as the cartoon of a happy Jesus Person ready for Christ's return, shown at lower right.

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