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April, 1987
1987 HFP, Volume 11 Number 2

Vincent van Gogh's painting "Sunflowers" was sold for $40 million. The new Fox TV network made its prime time debut. Billionaire Boys Club founder Joe Hunt was sentenced to life in prison for the 1984 murder of investor Ron Levin. A quarter of a million people gathered in San Francisco to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Golden Gate bridge. And in Liverpool, UK, a Beastie Boys concert turned into a riot, leading to the arrest of Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz on charges of assault.

Continuing our new format of first-person interviews accented by Dave Eaton's exciting graphics and layout, the HFP went to press with its second eight-page issue of 1987, still in awe of the ways Jesus continued to use us 18 years after we began.

Our friend Richard P. lived a glamorous life of Las Vegas gambling with a not-so-glamorous side of drugs, alcohol and adultery. Three marriages had ended in divorce and he was cheating on a fourth wife. "I desperately wanted help," Richard wrote. "What I really needed was to be delivered from all my addictions." When he finally met Jesus, "the air was filled with a feeling of peace that I'd never experienced before."

Bob B., a radio disc jockey, was enjoying the highest ratings for his coast-to-coast syndicated show "simulcast in stereo," but it wasn't enough. Bob "worked hard and partied hard," doing more and more drugs until he landed in the hospital. "Now I didn't have a career," Bob wrote. "Deep depression descended like a black cloud." One evening, walking down Hollywood Boulevard feeling lonely, he passed a small church and someone invited him in. By the end of the night Bob's search had ended and Jesus had come into his life. "My desire for drugs totally disappeared, my depression was replaced with peace and joy."

Our brother Dave Eaton created our back-page poster of the One Way arrow shown at right, as well as the humorous cartoon of an atheist making a most un-athiestlike statement, shown at lower right.

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