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July, 1978
1978 HFP, Volume 10 Number 3

California voters approved Proposition 13, cutting homeowners' property tax by more than half. Leaders of the Mormon church struck down a 148-year-old policy excluding blacks from becoming priests. The John Travolta film "Grease" premiered in New York City. Pope Paul VI died at the age of 80. And at the U.S. Naval Observatory, astronomers discovered a tiny moon orbiting the planet Pluto.

Our outreach to prisoners in jails, state and federal prisons and youth detention facilities through the HFP continued, with Bible studies, pen-pal matches, Biblical correspondence courses and more.

Our brother Wendell, an actor, told of his decision to give Jesus 94 percent of his life, holding back "a controlling 6 percent." That 6 percent became a roadblock to Wendell's spiritual progress, and led to "years of frustration, confusion and spiritual emptiness." After trying Scientology and traveling to India in search of a guru, he realized he was no closer to the peace he sought. Then destiny led him to a Bible study for theater people in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood of Hollywood, led by Bob Yerkes, a Hollywood stunt man and long-time friend of HFP editor Duane Pederson. There, Wendell finally turned over the last 6 percent to Jesus, and that made all the difference!

Another brother, James, wrote that while being transported by van to a federal prison in Kansas where a ten year sentence awaited him, "the hopelessness of my condition hit me square in the face." He felt trapped. His decision to write to a former employer led James in an unexpected way to an encounter with Jesus. "Suddenly," he wrote, "everything fell into place."

Martin, a self-described "mixed up kid," wrote of a life of crime, courtrooms and jail cells, a life that eventually led him to San Quentin, a grim maximum security prison across the bay from San Francisco. It was there, incredibly, that Martin met Jesus, and became a "cell minister for those locked up in different security sections." He knew then that there was "a reason why I came here."

The cartoon shown at right was drawn by our friend Jackson Wilcox as part of a larger full-page panel based on Isaiah 63 in the Old Testament. The photo at lower right is of our old friend Pat Boone with two young Jesus People at one of our beach baptisms.

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