It's All Here in the HFP (2)

January, 1978
1978 HFP, Volume 10 Number 1

An Air India jet exploded in midair killing 213 people near Bombay. Harvey Milk and Dan White were elected to the San Francisco board of supervisors. The Amoco Cadiz oil tanker spilled a record 1.6 million barrels of crude oil off the coast of France. And somewhere in space, the Soyuz 27 capsule piloted by two Soviet cosmonauts docked with the Salyut VI orbiting space station.

With this issue, our emphasis again returned to street people and prisoners, and we were flying the banner of Christian Prison Volunteers. Readers behind bars had sent in poetry and letters, and we printed as many as there was room for.

A young friend named Jack told of meeting Jesus after the Hollywood Free Theatre troupe visited the juvenile facility where he was locked up. Jack had managed to stretch a 30 day sentence into nearly two years by assaulting guards. Our friends Ron and Brenda had each driven their lives nearly into the ground, Ron doing time over and over for violent crimes, Brenda on the run from the FBI, until Jesus took control of their lives and brought them together. Our interviews with Jack, Ron and Brenda covered three full pages.

Our friend John shared his open letter with every prisoner about to get out of jail. His message was "If you walk out of prison thinking you can handle life alone, you're making one big mistake." His full-page article detailed John's troubles with burglary and drug dealing, and presented the alternative to handling life alone: a new life in Jesus.

The photo at right shows Duane Pederson baptizing a young woman at one of our Jesus People beach baptisms. The photo at lower right shows a young man praying silently at that same beach gathering.

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