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October, 1977
1977 HFP, Volume 9 Number 4

A cyclone and tidal wave hit Andrha Pradesh, India, submerging entire villages and killing thousands. The John Travolta disco film "Saturday Night Fever" premiered with music by the Bee Gees. Actor-singer Bing Crosby died while playing golf, his favorite pastime.

Bible studies, street witnessing, free theatre and more, they were all happening in the Los Angeles area and our new column "Welcome to Hollywood" had the scoop on what, when and where.

In "Please Touch Me" we discussed recent medical research on the benefits of simple human contact, a touch, a hug. The apostle Paul and Jesus were ancient examples of this very principle. Powerful things happened when Jesus touched the people he encountered in His ministry: healing, forgiveness of sins, even raising the dead! A related column discussed being alone without being lonely, and the role that fellowship and gathering with our brothers and sisters in Jesus can play in curing our loneliness, especially by shifting our focus from ourselves to others!

Sylvester Stallone, who rocketed from anonymous poverty to fame and fortune by writing and starring in the film "Rocky", said he had discovered that "stardom is trash ... a load of rubbish."

The beautiful illustration of Jesus on the cross shown at right is but a tiny part of a breathtaking full-page comic of the gospel by our brother Warren Heard. The photo at lower right shows a young man holding the communion cup at a Jesus People beach baptism in 1977.

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