May the Force Be With You

July, 1977
1977 HFP, Volume 9 Number 3

A 25-hour power blackout hit New York City, and looters rampaged through the city. The Alaskan Pipeline was completed and began pumping its first crude oil. NASA's first space shuttle, named the Enterprise, did its first successful takeoff and landing. Legendary entertainers Elvis Presley and Groucho Marx died within three days of each other. And in Detroit, General Motors introduced the first American-made diesel car, the Oldsmobile 88.

Street preacher, disc jockey and talk-show host Tim Berends began writing a regular column called "Street Talk" starting with this issue of the HFP. His first article described the night evangelist Arthur Blessitt carried his 6-foot cross down Hollywood Boulevard, illustrated with on-the-scene photos of Blessitt, Duane Pederson and others in the crowded street that exciting night. "Hallelujah Hollywood," the headline read. "Jesus is Alive!"

Free Bible studies, rap sessions, a crisis hotline and even street theatre were suddenly happening again in Hollywood, and we printed the contact information and details, just as we always had during the heyday of the Jesus Movement.

Duane Pederson wrote an article comparing the powers of Jesus to the "Force" from the Star Wars movie that had captured everyone's imagination in 1977. Jesus won.

The cartoon at right gave us one artist's very unusual interpretation of the battle between David and Goliath (Goliath got stoned.) The photo at lower right shows a young man praying silently on the beach at a Jesus People baptism and communion service.

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