I Wanted to Impress People

April, 1977
1977 HFP, Volume 9 Number 2

In New York City, famed disco nightclub Studio 54 opened. Former Nixon aides convicted in the Watergate scandal started serving prison sentences. The Orient Express, a train from Paris to Istanbul featured in a series of Agatha Christie mystery novels, made its final run. And a man in Wales proclaimed his hometown to be an independent kingdom, with himself as king and his horse as prime minister.

Our front cover photo of baby Christopher, one year old, was sent to us by his parents who "thought you might enjoy seeing how young some of your readers are."

"I wanted to impress people," our friend Ernesto wrote in our main article. That desire, and trying all the wrong ways to fulfill it, led him through "endless cycles of work camps, prisons, methadone programs and county jails." That endless cycle lasted until Ernesto "got hooked by God."

Our friends Pat, Timothy and Tom made the HFP office their unofficial headquarters during their trip to Los Angeles, and shared their stories with our readers. Pat, from Minnesota, described being alone and miserable in the "psycho ward" of a mental hospital, "flipped out on LSD," until he started praying the prayers he found in the Psalms, "making them my very own." Pat had noticed that his younger brother Ed, a follower of Jesus, "had peace, real peace. When everything around him was a restless, messy whirl, Ed was always tranquil." As Pat began praying the Psalms, "a beautiful thing happened to me. I experienced His reality. I cannot explain it in words." Actually, Pat did a beautiful job of explaining it in words, and his friends Tim and Tom did just as well. Thanks, guys!

We printed a selection of letters received from readers in jails and prisons across the United States. Our brother Jackson Wilcox created a full-page comic about the baptism of Jesus, told in Mark chapter 1. The two photos at right show Duane Pederson reading from the Bible and breaking the bread for communion at a Jesus People beach baptism in 1977.

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