Christian, You're Next

February 3, 1970
1970 HFP, Volume 2 Number 3

"Millions to Vanish Suddenly!" was the message of Dale Yancy's front page cartoon, pictured at right, which depicted a balding, middle-aged man staring skyward in confusion after the "Christian kid" he had just been talking to on Hollywood Boulevard literally disappeared.

Bob Turnbull was bringing Jesus to Hawaii's famed Waikiki Beach, and the HFP announced the first of his soon-to-be-famous "Sun and Soul Talk" gatherings for the beach crowd. Held right on the sand around the lagoon of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, these events combined Jesus music with dialogue about life and were aimed at the young tourists who flock to Honolulu year-round. Today the gatherings have a new name - Church on the Beach - but much the same format and purpose.

Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson's 1967 classic "Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga" had romanticized the outlaw biker gang as young rebels and American misfits looking for a home. Since that description also fit many in the Jesus Movement, it was inevitable that the two would eventually meet. Phil Smith, a former Dayton, Ohio gang member, street fighter and outlaw biker, "found a ministry in his leather jacket and colors to reach the outlaw motorcyclist." An article in this issue titled "Bikers for Jesus" detailed Smith's new crew, operating out of the L.A. suburb of Rosemead under the flag of Christ's Patrol.

Larry Norman, the Salt Company, and a new band called the New Blue Earth had organized the "Rock of Ages Folk Festival" to be held later that month in Northridge, just north of Los Angeles. In the casual spirit of the times, the mini-poster (pictured, below right) announced that admission was free, and reminded everyone to "bring a pillow".

A young brother who was holding Bible studies in his home in suburban Glendale had been notified that the meetings were in violation of county zoning ordinances. Naturally, the HFP was getting the word out to everyone.

Even with the zoning dispute in Glendale, "Jesus raps" and Bible studies were listed for every day and evening of the week across southern California. Free speech gatherings were listed at six Los Angeles area college campuses, and new Jesus houses (House of the Risen Son in Baldwin Park, and The Narrow Gate in Glendale) had appeared in the L.A. suburbs.

A "luau festival" featuring free food and music was planned for later in the month at House of the Risen Son. A group of Jesus People was planning to travel monthly to orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico, just south of the California border, to bring food and clothing to the needy orphans.

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