Welcome home.

News bulletin - Rest in Peace: Jim Palosaari, 1939-2011

I remember you. You were baptized one summer afternoon in the warm, sparkling surf at Corona Del Mar, or maybe in the chilly waters of Woody Island in Kodiak, Alaska. You stood on a noisy, traffic-clogged street corner in Los Angeles, Detroit, Kansas City, Minneapolis or Cleveland handing out copies of the Hollywood Free Paper to everyone who passed by.

We met at a "jeans and t-shirts" Bible study at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, or was it the House of Joshua in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho? I saw you at a Jesus rap in that rambling, two-story Green Pastures house in Pomona, or maybe we prayed together in the cozy House of Manna in Port Angeles, Washington.

I'll never forget the time you and I stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Jack Sparks in a rally outside Sproul Hall at UC Berkeley, and marched with Larry Norman on Spiritual Revolution Day in Sacramento.

We opened our dog-eared, leather-covered New American Standard bibles for a challenging study with Ron Turner on the lawn at Azusa Pacific College after an hour of Jesus music by Fred Caban's Agape band, or maybe we washed dishes together late one night at the Door coffeehouse in Prescott, Arizona.

That tangerine VW Beetle filled with noisy, long-haired Jesus Freaks might have been headed to the Hollywood Palladium to see Larry Norman on a Sunday afternoon, or to a local Jesus festival in your home town in Louisiana, Oklahoma or Oregon. Wherever it was, it's great to see you again. There's tandoori and curry in the kitchen if you'd like to stay.

From 1969 until roughly 1975, we published the Hollywood Free Paper on a shoestring, the same shoestring we're creating this Web site on now, and ever since our first clumsy, unrefined attempt at printing a newspaper, you've never stopped sending us your encouragement, friendship and love.

Many of you have continued to write to us at Box 1949 in Hollywood (yes, we still have that same post office box after all these years, although our zip code has changed a few times and is now 90078.) You've prayed for us, asked for back copies of the Free Paper (sorry, they're all gone now), and inquired about our founding editor Duane Pederson.

Duane is doing well and has been involved in prison ministry in medium and maximum security prisons across the United States. He continues to minister to young people in crisis on the street as well as in prison, and was editor of our recent 35th Anniversary edition of the HFP.

You'll be happy to know that we still have the historical archives of the original Free Paper, with articles, information about the various Jesus houses and groups we were in touch with across the United States, and drawings by our radical cartoonists Dale Yancy, Ron Bufton, Warren Heard and Lance Dennis Bowen. Also, we still have nearly every photograph we ever took (including many that were never published) and one file copy of every issue of the Free Paper for reference.

As God wills and as time permits, we are scanning this valuable material and making it available for downloading from the archives section and photo album, or use the site map to browse our entire website on one page.

The Jesus Movement was not strictly an American phenomenon, it was not just a California thing, and it certainly wasn't limited to the big cities. The Movement sprang up in the streets and small towns and on college campuses across the country simultaneously, and eventually spread to Canada and Europe, and some say even further. It brought together people of all colors, ages and backgrounds.

It was a spontaneous stirring of the Spirit of God among the young people of America and ultimately the world. It wasn't about political or social agendas, it was about Jesus and His life in us and centering our lives around His teachings.

It caught traditional churches by surprise, sounding a stern wake-up call to comfortable Christians while proclaiming Good News to those outside. In many ways it continues to this day, inside every brother or sister who remembers the Movement and who still prefers a personal relationship with Jesus to empty religious moralism and culture wars.

It's been a long trip, but here we are, talking about Jesus just the same. Oh, do you still have that capo you borrowed from me after the 2nd Chapter of Acts concert? I've had to play in the key of C ever since. Welcome home.

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